November 16th, 2017

Der Kommisser


Arthur Ganson's sculpture, "Thinking Chair" the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Mass taken 2016.

Watch it in action, here.

After years (decades?) of walking around that stone, the chair (which is about an inch tall) has walked itself into a literal rut.
I absolutely love his work, but it's hard to capture in a photograph because his gestural sculptures each perform very small, slow, natural, subtle movements
... and it's the movement itself that is the biggest feature (and beauty) of his art.
However, this worn stage for this bright yellow chair encapsulates years of movement in a single moment.


Here are a couple of photos that I took while on holiday in USA this summer -

San Francisco .... the tracks in the road for the cable cars
 photo DSC_0506_zpsljbovpsf.jpg

Disney, LA .... one of the tracks of the roller coaster (the one I actually went on!!)
 photo DSC_0179_zpsj62sy2ze.jpg