November 17th, 2017



ETA I kinda forgot the rules. This isn't my picture, my friend took it. I'll dig out one a actually took and add it to the post. Which may take a while, the new laptop seems to have misplaced all my albums.... Anyway here is one from a different kind of race - a steeplechase over a "track" that crosses the driveway in two places with horses coming right over the jumps only a few feet from spectators. And the finish line is an uphill run.

A friend's horse in its first race. :)

marcus 2013

Tracks - the railway type

Some pictures I took tonight with my little Finepix bridge camera - hand held and the camera was on a night setting which means it has boosted the brightness a lot, so things look a bit grainy and there is some blurring from long exposures. From Royal Oak underground station, which is on the approach to Paddington Station so has a LOT of tracks to one side. The first is looking along the underground track towards a tunnel, the other two are a main-line train heading into Paddington

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