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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

english language
hobbituk wrote in photo_scavenger


Back in November, when I was waiting to have my patio relaid, I was looking outside into my garden from my conservatory when I spotted this visitor to my garden.  Brazen, huh?  Excuse the quality of the pic, but I was inside and didn't want to disturb him... I'm actually quite amazed how clean the glass was!


english language
hobbituk wrote in photo_scavenger


One of my favourite places is a library.  It's not quite so quiet in them as it used to be (but the plus is that is because there are more children in there) and this is a modern one not the traditional style that is my ABSOLUTE favourite.... but here is a pic of the one I visit each week.


english language
hobbituk wrote in photo_scavenger


For many years I only ever had second hand cars.  They all ran ok, but had many miles on the clock.  About 18 months after hobbitmum died, my car also went to meet its maker, and I had my inheritance money sitting in the bank - so I bit the bullet and splashed out on my very first "New" car.  And when I picked it up, it had 7 miles on the clock...  I still get a bit of a thrill from seeing that single figure!
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