March 3rd, 2018

notes from a small island


We have had little snow - but Force 9 gales (wind speeds of 55mph or so) and freezing temperatures all week.

So - this was a hasty phone pic from the shelter of a building 20-30 yards from the sea, taken yesterday a little before they closed the road altogether -


That is sea water on the road - we haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks.

And this is how cold it has been -

marcus 2013

Weather - Frozen canal

Continuing this week's theme, since it wasn't snowing today I went for a walk and happened to cross a footbridge over the canal, which for I think the first time in several years was partially frozen. Not particularly thick ice, but it wasn't something I expected.

Frozen canal

Frozen canal

Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take a camera with me so this is from my iPhone - if I'd had a camera with a decent optical zoom I would have included pictures of a coot that was wandering around on the ice looking very confused...