May 6th, 2018

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Catching up.... Straight, Curved, Tree

So it's been a while... but I'm nearly there!

This was when they started to build my conservatory.  They used a plumb line and level to make sure the wall was straight.

I love the curved roof at Ally Pally.  Every time I go to the big craft show there I seem to take a picture of it...

This Acer tree was one of the few plants in my garden when I moved in.  I was told by the seller they wanted to take it with them but it was too big for them to dig up - and it is a lot bigger now!

Leaf and Reflection

I forgot to post last week, so two photos -

The new, young leaves on the Japanese Maple that I walk past every day.

And I don't think I've posted this one before. I can't see it in my LJ scrapbook.
This is a wire works reflected in the Wallsend Burn, just where it becomes Willington Gut.