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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

B&W swirls
debris4spike wrote in photo_scavenger

2018 Challenge Week 23

And here I am back again, which means we are into month #6 .... that's scary!!

How about we do something technical - BLACK & WHITE .

Good luck - have fun

Bake on
curiouswombat wrote in photo_scavenger


I have been very busy this week - as busy as the bees on my oven gloves;


Those two banana cakes will cut into ten slices each - and this is my kitchen message board with the running baking tally, in slices, for the past week -


(I am baking for our church where we run a refreshments counter for those watching the TT motorbike racing from our grounds, which happen to be a prime viewing place.)

marcus 2013
ffutures wrote in photo_scavenger

Black And White (sort of)

Another one I've previously posted to Wikipedia; This is actually a picture I took a while ago using an old Sony digital camera with some infra-red capability and a filter that cut out all visible light. Anything white reflects infra-red light, anything dark doesn't.  I recently picked up another camera of this type and hope to get back into infra-red photography soon.