September 18th, 2018

  • ysilme

2018 Challenge Week 38

How is it Monday again? I honestly swear I've no idea where the last week went! Particularly not as I keep forgetting to take pics for the latest prompts during daylight, and only remember it when it's dark again...
Might have to do with our current project of painting our house which keeps us unusally busy. This also inspired today's prompt in a very roundbout way: we have this wooden storage shelf on the terrace, used for storing firewood, gardening implements, and to provide the front step for the cat's entrance, so to say. Carrying this away, we unfortunately had to destroy the largest spider web I've ever seen: the web extended vertically from the roof, which is at half the height of the upper floor in this place, to the top of the shelf, with a very large and very pretty cross spider we moved to the rose bush nearby.
So the prompt for this week is web. Doesn't have to be a cobweb, of course; as usual, any possible usage of the term or similar ones is welcome!