September 24th, 2018

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So far behind that I cannot even imagine how to catch up. I'm pretty sure I did not do "Hand" before.

One of my better photos. My daughter's hands at her wedding luncheon (nearly 12 years ago now). Mainly taken to memorialize the bling. The bracelet was a loaner--like all the ladies borrow for the Oscars. She was working for a high-end jeweler/designer at the time and the owner volunteered it. The rings themselves were very modest.
Whale door handle
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2018 Challenge Week 39

Over the weekend, autumn has come to my corner of the world, too, with a heavy storm and much, much needed and longed for rain. We had less than 10litres of rain between May and las week, and yesterday then blessed 17 litres. Still, nature is going to suffer for a while yet from this extremely dry summer here, so I'm going to chose this term for this week's prompt, too.