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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

book shelf
heartofoshun wrote in photo_scavenger

One Way, Bike Lane, 5th St

Park Slope Brooklyn

debris4spike wrote in photo_scavenger


The funny thing is that this sign is literally at the end of my road, yet I had never noticed it until I posted the challenge!!!

 photo DSC_0686_zpsyrfv4izl.jpg

I always thought CHICANES were what they had in F1 motor-racing, not just in a small city road.

notes from a small island
curiouswombat wrote in photo_scavenger


How can you not love this sign beside the road near Mum's home village?

365 week 12 Wednesday

And this is also one of my faourite signs - in the back of nowhere it tells you it is 3/4 mile to Little London;

365 week 40 Thursday