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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

debris4spike wrote in photo_scavenger

Old & Ornament

Hard to decide what to post for either prompt (I must pick easier ones!!!) 

Anyway, as I was in my study switching on my computer 20 mins ago the clock chimed, and I thought I would photograph and post that.  It was what my Grandparents bought in the early 20's for their living room, and was always there, then in Mum & Dad's conservatory, then in Mum's hobby roorm, and now in my study.
 photo DSC_0808_zpsbkgg6a92.jpg

As you can see, I have ornaments, and ornaments, and more ornaments.  This was also taken in my study, the window sill, and is part of my giraffe collection.
The big one at the back was a house warming present from my friend Christine, the one in front of that was my first giraffe, given to me the first time I saw them on a trip to a zoo when I was 3 (and the start of my fascination).  The shiny one was a gift when I helped my brother Nick out by cooking for a Beach Mission team of 20 (at late notice), next to that is one I bought on a trip to Rhodes (I love the Greek ornamental style), next to that is the one my friend bought me when DJ was born, as a thanks for looking after her kids, horses, and coping with the unexpected birth) ... and the final one was a gift for my 55th birthday from NIck & Brenda.
The big vase was a Great Aunts, the other a present from a friend, anfd the toadstool was my nightlight when I was a kid.
The lion was Mums, and she used to keep it next to her pill pot with urgent reminders clipped on it.
 photo DSC_0807_zpsptben4c5.jpg