November 3rd, 2018

  • thismaz


For the last few months I have not taking my camera out in response to the weekly prompt. Instead I have been looking through my collected photos for a picture I already have. But for this one, I had to go looking for a new picture.

On the way home from work on Wednesday I tried to take a photo of the long line of students queuing to get into the fancy dress hire shop (I imagine both universities' students' unions must have been holding a Halloween party) but it was too dark.

So instead, have this picture of the only Halloween window I saw on the way to work the next morning. A very sorry display compared to some of the decorations I have seen posted on my flist *g*



As I said, I don't "do" Halloween ... however thought I would share a photo of Charlie, with you all.  As you can see by the picture he sits on a shelf with other ornaments in my lounge.  Although from 1979 (when he arrived in my care) till I moved to my present house he used to sit on my bedside table!
 photo DSC_0810_zpsrhv7l6ti.jpg