January 10th, 2019

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Catching up - all the C's - Craft, Close up and Candle

I fell so far behind, I was afraid that unless I did something soon, I would never catch up. And that would not satisfy my slight tendency towards completism *g*

Candle - When I was young, everybody I knew had one of these - a candle holder (usually an empty wine bottle) buried in wax. I still have one.

The others are behind the cut, to save your flists.
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So, that is three down. Five to go.
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Match and Wreath

Match - I have posted a photo of this photo before, for the 'Numbers' prompt. It's on the wall at St. James Metro Station, right next to the stadium. But it seemed a good example of a celebration during a football match.

Wreath - I took this photograph because wreaths left on this war memorial are usually made of paper poppies. This one was real flowers.
Printed on the paper in the centre is the poem Minden Day by Cicely Fox Smith.

And I just realised that I posted a detail from this photo for the 'Yellow' prompt.

Three more to be totally caught up.