April 24th, 2019


Season, Everyday, Cloud, Bud

I spent some time the other day sorting through photographs, so I could post catch-ups. Then I had to go out to meet my sister. So, of course, I thought I had done it all. It was only when I saw curiouswombat's posts this morning that I realised I had not completed the final and rather essential step and actually posted.

So here I am, belatedly catching up.

There are fours seasons, so I combined them to make a year - Spring blossom, summer flowers, autumn colour and winter's Christmas tree.

Things I do everyday
I have posted this photo before, but my morning mug of coffee is the only thing I could think of that I absolutely do every single day.

The other morning I was out in Tynemouth and this dramatic cloud formation was streaked across the entire sky.

I took this photograph weeks ago, when the prompt was posted, but... weeks pass unnoticed.


Puzzle, Solo, Vehicle, Jewellery

I saw these small jigsaw puzzles in an art gallery, but took the picture because I wanted to show them to a friend. I liked the way there were objects inserted into the puzzle.

On the way to Tynemouth the other day I went through the park, where there are a couple of Anglo-Saxon graves. I loved the potential symbolism of this brave little daffodil, especially since it was Easter weekend, even though it was wilting a little by then.

A number of vehicles, but the reason for taking the photo was obviously the car on the road, rather than the bicycle, bus or other cars.

And finally:

At Tynemouth market there was a stall where they were selling jewellery made from silver cutlery.

And so I am all caught up (probably just in time for the next prompt *g*)
Buffy - Season 3


This was a hard decision!!

I love, love jewellery, and have some stunning pieces, gifts from Mum & Dad, heirlooms (I have both the necklaces that my Grandmothers wore at their weddings, for example).  Then when Mum died I inherited her jewellery, and she has some beautiful pieces, as well.

However I chose these 2 items as I bought them a couple of years ago when I was in San Francisco.  They are the only white gold I own, and were bought at the pearl place on pier 39. You pick an oyster and they open it in front of you.  Those in front of me had @white/pearl@ coloured pearls.

Hard to see in these photos, but the first one I opened, the necklace, is silver grey.  Because I bought the necklace they gave me another go ... and the ring is rose coloured.  They actually gave me another go ... another rose coloured one (but I didn't spend any more money ... these 2 were enough!!)

 photo DSC_0585_zpsiyxynvnu.jpg

 photo DSC_0363_zpsuvlbzctn.jpg