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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

curiouswombat wrote in photo_scavenger

Things you might find in a kitchen.

Firstly here is something we found in the kitchen when we first saw this house -

Yes - for some reason one corner of the kitchen had a log burner in it. Serving no purpose, and so badly fitted that it was dangerous!

So this is what you would find in that bit of the kitchen now;

A double oven and drawers and cupboards. Much more useful! Also a dog - you can often find her in the kitchen!

And, in the spirit of the subject, here are other things you will find in my kitchen;

DSCN2632 (2)

curiouswombat wrote in photo_scavenger

2019 challenges, May 20th.

Continuing with Scattegories - this week the selection is things that have buttons.