July 17th, 2019



I've been looking for an abundance of something nice. But what I settled on was an abundance of weeds in two giant planters near the front of our house. Really classy.

I do not feel like having the necessary discussion with my landlord in order to plant flowers in place of the weeds.
notes from a small island


I have been going to go out with my camera to take a picture for this prompt for the last three days - and each time something has stopped me - today it is actually raining.

So here is a picture I took a while ago at The Eary, a small hamlet of about 20 houses which is definitely not a village as it lacks church, shop, or pub!

stamp 2

Whereas this is The Cooil - at least part of it. The Cooil only has about 10 houses in a loose cluster - but makes it into hamlet status I reckon as it has a chapel (out of the picture, to the right) and even, seen nearest us in the picture, a public hall!