July 28th, 2019

fruit bowl patty's house

Yay! Cupboards!

Our cupboards were small, too few, and one was missing a door when we moved into this apartment. We had to buy the pie rack (left)  to give us a little more counter and shelving space. Then we had to buy all new doors for the upper cabinets (right)  because we couldn't find one to match old ones and then decided to be adventurous and paint them black. I love our our tiny kitchen now. It'll pass. So much better than it was.

Still not neat in there, but slightly less hideous.


One of the things I love about our new(ish) house is the number of cupboards.

This is the utility room;


There are as many cupboards in there as we had in our kitchen in our old house. I actually do have a favourite cupboard of those ones - it is this one;


Yes! I now have so much storage space in the kitchen/utility that I have an empty cupboard!

Actually i have a favourite cupboard in the kitchen, too;


I have a whole cupboard above the ovens to keep my baking sheets and cooling racks in! (The baking tins have two whole pot drawers to themselves :) )

Also - I think, having seen that picture, I better go and clean the controls for the ovens!