August 30th, 2019

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B is for Balloon

My husband and I were student balloon pilots. We never took the final test because it was expensive and we knew we'd never own a balloon. Still, we had a lot of fun flying and learning about it.

This was 'our' balloon Flagship Lorraine Beau, so named for the flags at her equator and because she took he first flight in Lorraine France.

This is Dawn Patrol.  Flagship is at the end.  This was the only time she flew Dawn Patrol
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Catching up: square things, kitchen, things with buttons

Catching up once again with travel pics:

Square things:

This is a board in a museum for nature and science in Tromsø/Norway, mainly directed at kids, made out of large, grey, square, lego base plates, where kids can puzzle anything they like out of square lego tiles. I love that some kid there also created the Sámi as well as the pride flag!

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