September 28th, 2019

James pointing - Caprica

Hidden, Behind, Under & Above

I have been away for a couple of weeks, and am still trying to get organised ... and sort all the photos I took, however I have 4 that will cover the 4 prompts (so far) of this month.  All of them are taken on the Isle of White (south England, if you don't know)

 photo DSC_0313 2_zpsgxkt6tb4.jpg
This is a Roman Villa that was HIDDEN, but is now being researched

 photo DSC_0957 3_zpsgajs0vzf.jpg
I can't believe how beautiful this memorial is ... and it's BEHIND the organ. So much so I haven't a clue who it is for, as you can't read the name.

 photo DSC_0579 2_zpsmy72dl9s.jpg
Carisbrooke Castle is famous as the final prison of King Charles I before his trial in London. I went on the walls, and UNDER me is the gatehouse

 photo DSC_0824 2_zpsnpoqajwo.jpg
This is a great boadwalk that takes you out to the estury ABOVE the marshes