January 7th, 2020


Glitter, Celebrate & White, New and Late

Well Father Christmas remembered to bring Jiffy some new toys, a new jumper, and some new treats ... and, of course, he had to unwrap the pressies
 photo DSC_0202_zpszi8es8xw.jpg

I love giraffes, and this is one of Mum & Dad's Christmas tree ornaments, that is now mine, and has to be in pride of place on the tree
 photo DSC_0183_zpsymbn1eqg.jpg

I work with Ceri - here she is dancing at her wedding evening party
 photo DSC_0031_zpsyafqvd6l.jpg

It isn't often I am out late, but this was one evening - some of Ceri's work collegues went out to celebrate pre her wedding ... and we had our photo taken in the city centre.  One advantage of it being late was tha we got a nice clear photo!
 photo DSC_0179_zpseyryt4xa.jpg


Apologies - and Holiday (Dark Green), Celebrate (White), Darkness (Red). And all of them are LATE!

Apologies - December sems to have got away from me.

Dark Green - the bouquet my sister gave me for my birthday which is in the middle of the Holiday week.

Celebrate, White; Some of my knitted angels celebrating Christmas in our church -


Darkness, Red; lights and baubles in a large glass container -

Baubles and lights

And a proper picture for Late - although perhaps not quite what you might expect!

As it has been both the first anniversary of my mother's death and her birthday in the past few weeks, I have spent some time in the churchyard where she is buried, along with many other late members of my extended family. I took this picture there some years ago on Christmas Eve, and it is one of my favourites.

Bride Churchyard Christmas Eve 2010