February 18th, 2020



Sometimes dessert can be a work of art....

A pudding worth photographing!

That is probably the poshest pudding I have ever eaten; it was at the Hilton in Park Lane, London, when I was a finalist in The Nursing Times Awards a few years ago.

But sometimes all you really need is a mug full of hot chocolate with squirty cream and tiny marshmallows...


Or some raspberries and a spoonful of sugar -

notes from a small island

2020, Week 8 Prompt.

So - this week the card I pulled out of the 'Shout it out!' box is 'A Book'.

I was fascinated to realise that we do not seem to have had this before, although we did illustrate a book title a little while ago. Feel free to go with books in th multiple as well. I think we will go with the tag books, which seems to have been used once before - on a post way back 10 years ago!