May 2nd, 2020

ship Surprise


St Mary Star of the Sea in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, constructed in the 1850s. One of my favorite churches--lots of memories. Next door to Alex's next-to-last elementary school, International School of Brooklyn. ISB "borrows" the church for their winter concert every year. And the father of Laura's best friend had his funeral there. I can't find a picture of the memorial to young men from this parish lost in WWI. I will have to take another one.

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ship Surprise


Can reading even be a hobby? I don't know. Writing is definitely not a hobby; it is damned hard work. Hardly done for relaxation and entertainment. I used to sew but not much these days--arthritis in my hands. Cooking falls somewhere between a chore and a hobby but I post photos of food all the time. So I am thinking I will choose reading for my hobby here.

Took these pictures earlier this week.

These are mainly reference books. I do most of my purely-for-pleasure reading on Kindle these days. So they are stand-ins for my reading hobby. (Don't tell me how much more pleasure you get from reading an actual book. I did too but my eyes are too bad for that to be enjoyable any longer. Thank god, for electronic books!)