May 4th, 2020

notes from a small island


The pace of change is so fast at the moment - and nowhere more so than on my kitchen windowsill!

Friday afternoon;


Saturday afternoon;


and Sunday afternoon;


(I took the last one the wrong way around, and then flipped it when I realised - hence the disappearance of the plant bottom right - it is actually the one you can now see top right, and doing well!)
ship Surprise

Postal! If someone had told me three months ago

that I would be buying this stuff by post I would not have believed them! Shelf-stable milk! I did buy this stuff when I lived in Mexico City because there were periodic shortages of fresh milk. So if one saw shelf-stable milk in the grocery store, one stocked up! Had not seen mayonnaise for a while either, so I ordered that too! (Can't make mayonnaise because there are no eggs in the stores.)

My latest delivery. Don't recall when I was so excited to get a package! Today is a very good day!!!

2020 Week 19

And it's my turn again. So much has changed since my last challenge at the end of Feruary.

I hope you are all keeping well - do please either point that camera out of the window, or find something in your files to share.

So many of us are really reliant on the postal services at the moment, and this morning I thought of Terry Pratchett's 'Going Postal'.

So the challenge to illustrate this week is 'Postal' .

Whether you choose a post box, your letter box, or something that has arrived in the post recently, is entirely up to you.