May 19th, 2020

Elwendell  Thanks Nixnivis

Front and back prompts - Elwenlj

A picture taken several years ago, of a local front door. Simply because it was old and looked interesting. You don't see many arched doorways. Note the boot scraper set into the wall at the right.

High Green 045

I stayed domestic with the 'back' prompt too. Here's some May blossom in my back garden.

Happy Birthday

Front & Back

Well, here is my front door, taken this morning ... and you get to see a the Birthday Boy peeping round the corner, as an added extra.  Yes, 14 today ... and waiting to go out for a (short!!) walk

 photo 19th May 1_zpsyalitmju.jpg

Now I am standing at my back door.  I have a conservatory to my left, and yes, the neighbours (landlady) still hasn't repaired the fence (which they are very embarrassed about)
 photo 19th May 2_zps1fgxb5du.jpg