June 2nd, 2020

notes from a small island


I was tempted to take a picture of my husband lying in bed with a sock covering his eyes, as the room was too light even with all the blinds shut. But I have spared you that - here is the cover of the notebook I would rescue in a fire - it has all my passwords in it!



How many of us have heard Cover versions of classic pop songs ... either by other bands, or even at karaoke?

Well for about 20 years I was a member of an orchestra and most of the music we played were cover versions of the classics!  One of these oncerts was recorded (mistakes and all) as one of our part time members was doing a music project for his A level media studies.  I asked for a copy as, ironically, it was the last concert I played 1st clarinet in ... no, I wasn't sacked, I moved 55 miles away!

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