June 3rd, 2020

Friendship - mucun


Mom crocheted these potholders nearly 60 years ago, and I treasure them. I also use them, wash them, and they still look practically new. They're double-thickness and block heat beautifully. I like the colors, and have tended towards using yellow and rust accent colors in the kitchen.

Elwendell  Thanks Nixnivis


Whilst in lockdown I have been catching up on some half finished crafting projects. One of which was a patchwork cushion cover. So here we are. I even made another to go with it.

  • ysilme

2020 Challenge Week 23

I've been rather missing these last weeks, but I'm back for my hosting month with a few new prompts: as I'm doing a lot of needlework and crafts lately (not only but also sewing masks), I'll give you a few needlework-related ones. I hope none of them will be too difficult, but I suppose even if you're not doing any of these yourself it won't be too difficult to find something suitable for a photo.
As I've started a new-to-me craft during the pandemic, crocheting granny squares for a blanket, I'm giving you crochet for the first prompt. Have fun!