June 10th, 2020

  • ysilme


Although I've always been an avid knitter, I've never crocheted much beyond the occasional pot holder and some cat toys, and a few doll clothes as a child. But at the beginning of the Corona crisis I got sucked into following a daily knit-along-podcast by Scandinavian needlework desingers Arne & Carlos, and chose to do one of their granny square blankets instead of knitting, following one of their videos with an explanation how to crochet granny squares. (I'd been taught to do them in a totally wrong manner as a kid, and altwas thought they were rather difficult to do. *g* ) I already had the instructions in one of their books and  was able to order the wool online, and from then on did one square a day until about two weeks ago, and about two every three days since then. I need 80 squares and have done 61 by now, a few more than you can see in this stack of my crocheted squares. :o)