June 30th, 2020



As soon as I saw the prompt, 2 or 3 minutes ago, it meant only one thing to me. This picture may not say felting to you, but I will explain...

Skye 2014 a076

That picture was taken the last time I visited Skye. It was mainly taken as a picture of the holiday home that a group of us shared for a week. But the person in it is my late friend Anne who made beautiful needle felted landscapes and was working on one inspired by the view.

She gathered bits of wool from the hedges we walked between, and we had just walked to the business, in a nearby croft, of an artisan spinner and dyer who had sold her some small amounts of fleece dyed with local plants. Anne couldn't wait to start and sat at that outdoor table with her tools, working to recreate the view right away.

Sadly I never saw the finished picture, she took it home to work on and we never saw each other face to face again as she died in a climbing accident at the end of the next summer.

But whenever I think of felting I think of Anne, sitting out there in the sunshine, looking at this view -

Skye 2014 a041

and recreating it in wool.