February 13th, 2021



Many of you have posted lovely pictures of a calender, so thought I would do something different!

I am a hoarder, and in my study, as well as my computer, are loads of books, plus ornaments etc.  This is a daily calender a school pen-pal gave me many moons ago.  I have it set at 27th July as that is the day I lost Jaykub.  That picture is of he and me just before we did a small cross-country competition.


Prompt #6 - Snow

In my little corner of the world it doesn't snow. Not ever. Not a single snowflake in the nearly forty years I've lived here. It is in fact summer, though today you wouldn't know it as it's quite cool and overcast. Not that I mind because the super hot days and humidity really kill me.

So... I don't have snow, but I do have snow globes! I'm no collector, but these three are quite apropos as they are Valentine's Day themed snow globes. I was too slow to photograph them whilst the little love heart glitter inside them was still swirling, but they're cute all the same.