February 20th, 2021

Challenge #7 - Heart

After many years away from it, I rekindled my cardmaking hobby just before Christmas and amazingly am still going two months later. Usually I get it all out for a week then lose interest.

Because I've been crafting so much, last weekend I pulled everything out of the two big boxes to reorganise it so that all the same things were stored together, cardstock, scrapbook papers, embellishments... I even sorted all my sticker sheets into a crazy sense of order, by type and then by colour so if I'm looking for a gold happy birthday sticker, it's in with all the other greeting stickers (yeah, can we say OCD?)

Anyhow, I've taken over a small corner of the living room with my boxes and mini craft table (since my desk is currently in use exclusively for working from home). I have a number of cutting stencils found during the mass tidy up and this one fit the bill nicely.