February 28th, 2021



He doesn't look like much, but this is Scamper. He was one of my very first toys. When I directed The Velveteen Rabbit last year he played the toy version of The Rag Puppy and the colorful bits of cloth are his costume.

The whole cast melted when they saw him all dressed up for his part.

Challenge #8 - Soft

I confess I was a stuffed toy collector as a child, but those are all now in storage and not taking up space inside the house.

There are however a growing number of soft toys accumulating in the spare room...

Each Christmas one of the major department stores here sells a teddy bear that is purely for fund-raising for charity. Mum and I have made it a tradition to buy this bear every year for at least the last 25 years (probably longer). The problem is that they've now taken over the entire bed in the spare room. We keep saying that one day a collector might think they're worth something - their original names tags are still attached. I think it's just a lie we tell ourselves so we don't skip a year.

Lucky we don't need to house guests!