March 11th, 2021


This Time Last Year

I know, I haven't posted here in forever, but this one seems like a good one to jump in on. A photo from a year and a few weeks ago...

The finish line for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I got my best Half Marathon time ever (3:26:37). Sort of a last hurrah before things went into lockdown (it was already starting back home while we were in Florida... we flew back to empty grocery store shelves and were very glad we'd gotten toilet paper before we left on that trip).

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This Time Last Year

This time last year I had the day off and I visited Bukchon Hanok Village, which is close to City Hall in Seoul, South Korea where I live. We have been lucky to have never been in lockdown, and life has been a closer semblance of normal than many places have experienced throughout the last year.


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Challenge #10 - This time last year

Life here is slowly getting back to normal. I took a walk during my lunch break as we're just around the corner from a normally busy high street with loads of cafes and shops and the university. It was sad to see so many empty shops, gone out of business and up for lease.

This shop has not gone bust but they were forced to moved to a cheaper location. It used to be a wonderful little boutique wine and beer shop with two very knowledgeable young men running it - plus their dog who used to sleep in the sun in the front window!

A couple of us from the office would sometimes go down there as you could also sit in or outside the shop and buy wine (or beer) by the glass, as well as little platters of cheese and olives. They even used to let you bring in other food so long as you also bought a drink. I don't drink, but I did partake in the cheese and olives and some very fun gossip with the girls.

Their gorgeous little shop will be missed. This is all that's left now.