July 27th, 2021

Oh Dear

Left and Right

A little while ago my daughter and I were fortunate enough to be part of a small group given the chance to look at the shoe collection in our local museum -

The shoe on the left is an original 1930s Italian shoe. The pair on the right were made by an Italian internee.

Italian shoes

These are a pair of original 1900s Tango Boots.

June 27th

But the most memorable were these -

not quite a pair

Why? Because they were classified as a pair of ladies evening slippers circa 1850.

And a couple of us were able to point out that they weren't a pair at all - the left and right did not match.

The donor had classed them as a pair. Could it have been that their family had had more than one pair of similar evening shoes and the museum had been given one of each? Could one of the original pair of shoes been badly damaged and a matching one made - which didn't actually match for some reason? Goodness knows!