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This seems to have inspired some wonderful dog pictures. I do know a dog with beautiful hair - she belongs to my Mum and is my regular walking companion. But I wanted something a bit different. So I took my camera to a field where I had seen highland cattle - but they'd moved.

But then Brutti-ma-Buonni posted her hairy gentlemen sculptures - and I remembered, da - da... This!

I give you nekkid bearded dwarves cutting their own hair with swords!!


Actually, due to the wonders of LJ friendships, I know they are actually Egyptian bas relief showing the God Bes who was the protector of women in childbirth. Which might explain the 'what?' - but it certainly doesn't explain the 'why?'!! And isn't the mini-Bes version, on the left, cute?

OK - I couldn't resist -

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