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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I think I have a small series of pictures for this one...

But I will put most under a cut. This is my maternal grandmother at the age of twenty or so -


My mother tells me that Granny said she was corseted within an inch of her life to achieve that waist!

To see what she looked like when I remember her, and to see another generation of grandparents,

Here are my grandparents as I remember them -

Three generations

That photo was taken in 1960 - the baby is my sister, and I am the small figure with the rather helicopter like bow in my hair - and the rather beautiful woman is my mother.

Now another generation on - here is my mother at the age of 61 with her first grandchild - my daughter.


And, finally, here is that baby, grown up, with her paternal grandmother -



Those are wonderful. I love the hat in that first picture.
Thank you - actually it is an enormous velvet bow in Granny's hair.
Your mother was/is a beautiful woman.
She was/is indeed. Here she is last year at 83.
Your mum looks rather like you (or vice versa, I suppose), with D-d as a baby. I love that your grandpa looks so grimly into the camera, yet he clearly knows how to hold small babies - it's so often only women who are pictured with little kids in older photos.
The female genes in our family for a few generations seemed to be pretty strong - I also look quite a lot like my granny did before she went grey, but was somewhat older than in that first picture - as she is in this icon, in fact.

And yes, Grampy seems to be holding my sister quite competently - and for him that was almost a smile!
What wonderful family photos. Thanks for sharing these. (My kids have three grandmothers. I should group the photos of them together.) I totally love the old photos. Something about having to sit fairly still gives that generation a wise look. And the clothes are fascinating.
The photo of the three generation amuses me from the point of view of clothes for a couple of reasons - at the age of five and a half I am wearing a pinky tweed suit! I August, too. I thought I was the bees knees.

And when I looked at that picture a year or two ago I realised I was getting old because I found myself thinking that Granny's sandals looked rather comfortable!