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This is my mother, with my dad's parents, Minnie and Mitchell. Supposedly it was taken the week I was conceived - certainly I happened on that holiday. Mitchell was very ill with stomach cancer, which is why my parents were visiting (they were living in Stockholm, Sweden at the time), and this was the last time my parents saw him alive. This was in September 1963, and he died in April 1964, a month before I was born.

Gramma was an extraordinary woman. You see her here, less than a year before she was widowed; she never remarried, although she certainly dated. Because my family was abroad and my extended family were all in the USA, I didn't know many of them very well, but Gramma spent every summer based with us. She wasn't always an easy person, but I adored and admired her, and she anchored in me the belief that family matters, and art matters.

And I have lots and lots of catching up to do, and I'll make an effort though I'm not sure how complete I can be.
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