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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


Cotswold stone is often called honey-coloured in novels about living in fabulous places like Bath. Well, I lived there for two whole days this year, right next to the west front of the Abbey. And yes, I can confirm, with the setting sun on it, the stone looks like warm, golden honey. Mmmm. (This is, hands down, the best view from a kitchen window I am ever likely to have.)


That really has to be the best view from a kitchen window - ever.
I couldn't stop looking out. The other main windows show the pump room and Roman baths, just for variety, and you get people watching mingled with the architecture.

I love a luxury hotel or a rental flat with all the accessories, but if I go back to Bath I'll definitely try to get this place again. It may be a slightly inconvenient old place, with wonky floors and no telly, but it's utterly worth it.
If I had that view from the kitchen, I might actually take up cooking, LOL!
Nah, the cooker faces the other way, you're quite safe. But sitting down for kitchen supper is an event that feels like you should be in a ballgown or something!
This is making me NEED to go back to the UK even more.
Heh. I spent the whole time in this flat just *looking*. It is the most marvellous view.
What a beautiful view... must have been hard to leave it!

I've never been to Bath, if I ever make it back to England again (it's something we hope to do one day as hubby hasn't been back there since emigrating when he was 3) it's definitely on my 'to see' list.
Oh, it was horribly hard to go, though I knew it was only a short stay. Bath really repays a visit - so many of the things you would hope to see are still there (like the Assembly Rooms and the Pump Room, as well as the great architecture). I hope you make it!
Exquisite view!
Isn't it! Glad you enjoyed the image.