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September 2019



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mairesue in photo_scavenger

Only 12 Weeks

It is heading to the end of the year as there are only 12 weeks to go - can you believe it?

I am willing and mostly ready to continue on for next year. I have ideas and a list already started for next year and I was hoping to get some of your input. Please fill out this poll and in the comments or send me a message (mairesue@livejournal.com) please let me know what changes and improvements you would like.

Poll #1785419 Photoscavenger 2012

Are you going to participate in Photoscavenger in 2012?

YES! Every Week!
As Best I Can
When I Want To
If A Theme Catches My Eye
No Thanks But I Will Be Watching
No Not Interested At All

How do you like the Themes/Prompts?

I can do better

What Themes/Prompts would you suggest?

Thanks for making this community so awesome and interesting. Thank you for posting your pictures.


I checked "every week," because even though I'm behind, I will catch up and post for every week, even if I post late. And I always comment. :-)
I totally appreciate your dedication to this community! I think it is so awesome that not only do you post pictures you interact with the other community members and comment on their photos. THANKS!
I can't think of any different/better prompts, so I left it blank -- the current ones are challenging and fun, so far! I am trying to keep up with every single one! :)

You are doing a great job! Thanks for being a part of this community!
I have so appreciated your consistency and the variety of the themes you pick. I tend to prefer themes that have some flexibility to them, and themes that...I feel good about. The theme I've liked least, for instance, was taxes, and I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of takes we got for change. The summer seemed to get away from me and I'm still running late, but I'll do my very best to participate consistently the coming year.
Thank you for the effort you have put in to the community even if you can't get to every theme. Thank you for appreciating my effort as well.

I like flexible themes as well so I will definitely be keeping that in mind when I put together the new list.
Sorry I've fallen so far behind... I am working on playing catch-up.

I just wanted to qualify my response about the themes.. I have enjoyed most of them, but I do find the season themes are quite difficult when you live on the other side of the world to most of the members. lol I need to learn to take more photos in advance!
Yeah, I do have to remember that we have a lot of international members. I know I personally don't like it when it is assumed I am from the USA. I will try and be a bit more sensitive about that. :)

Thanks for making the effort to catch up! I know how easy it is to fall behind.
I'm way behind, but still hoping to catch up -- and if I can't manage that, I'll make a fresh start in January.

I don't have any ideas for themes right now, but I'll post if I can come up with any.

Thanks so much for doing this -- I'm still enjoying it!
You are very welcome! I enjoy thinking up the themes.

I think you are awesome trying to catch up! Don't worry if you don't just enjoy yourself and do the themes that you can! Thanks for participating.
I'm way behind. But I do have a list of the prompts and I have caught up with taking some pictures - things I've found after looking for a month or so... I'll have to give myself a target of how many to post each week until the end of the year. I think the prompts that I like best are those where there is an obvious photo to take but also where when I think about it there are other meanings and possibilities; maybe they are all actually like that and sometimes I just can't see the options.....
I like flexible themes too - where you can maybe reinterpret the theme in another way so I will definitely be keeping those in mind.

Don't worry about being behind! I will be looking forward to seeing the ones that you have caught up with.

Thanks for participating.

Having slept on it, I think I'd like to see more prompts which are adjectives or verbs instead of nouns.
That sounds fun!
Great suggestion!!
Thanks, I was thinking about this as I was driving around today, that it might be fun to do a color series. One could be literal about it, but so many colors are also metaphors: green might be just the color, or it might be envy, or it might be cash; yellow might be the color, or it might be fear; blue might be sorrow or musicians in a smoky bar; orange might be spray-tanned ballroom dancers, etc.
I've loved being part of the comm this year. I think you mix up the prompts quite nicely - something simple like tree vs something tougher like taxes - and I enjoy facing the challenges and thinking them through.

I guess with all international comms it's worth double checking whether the prompts work universally. (I know I keep talking about autumn/winter in my comms and that doesn't work for the folks Down Under.) But I did enjoy scrabbling around to find something for a prompt like President!
I am glad you are enjoying the community! Thank you so much for participating!!

I do think I do have to remember we have a lot of international community members and to see how well the theme can work for all of us. Thanks for the reminder!
Bless you for remaining our fearless leader!
I enjoy it! This is a great community!