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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


It is spring here and a long way from harvest time, so I figured I'd take photos of what will hopefully be my future harvest.

The little greenhouse is to protect the seedlings more from the chook (and other evil seedling eaters) than from any potential late frost.

Click for full size

Bought from the local nursery on the weekend to replace the seedlings I planted a few weeks ago.

The reason they need replacing! Anyone know how to scare ducks away?

The potato patch...apparently ducks don't like potato plants.

Peaches... we are unlikely to beat the possums and parrots to these *sigh*



Oh you do look as if you'll have a good harvest come summer/autumn!
Hopefully...at the moment I'm having an ongoing war with the evil horde of wild ducks.

The peaches are starting to get a lovely blush on them, but are still hard. Last year the possums and multiple varieties of parrot got to them just as they were ripening, I think we got one. I don't mind sharing with the wildlife, but they don't share very well! lol
Look at all that bounty-to-be!
LOL *fingers crossed* We always plant a great deal of excess, that way we MIGHT get some.
I finally gave up on growing edibles. We live on the outskirts of town, and every critter seems to cut through our yard. Birds ate my strawberries, 'possums and raccoons ate the big stuff, and rabbits ate everything else.

Enjoy your growing season!
Our possums are quite different to yours, but just as partial to munching on the nummy stuff. So between the possums and the birds our fruit doesn't stand much chance... the veggies have ducks and cockatoos to contend with (as well as our resident chicken). lol But there is still much joy to be had from growing your own fruit and veg, even if you don't get to eat much of it.
Your 'possums are cute and fluffy; ours are all teeth, beady eyes, and a rotten disposition!



Our 'possums are like rats on crack.
Your opossums are definitely very scary looking... ours are actually just possum, no 'o' to leave off. lol
If you encountered our 'possums in your backyard unawares, you'd need that "o." As in, "Oh!"