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Smile please

September 2019



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gold snowflake

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I fear these are pictures of some of my craft work that were taken for last Christmas, not the upcoming one.

I make Christmas cards most years -

365 week 40 Friday

And I really enjoy decorating our Christmas cake -

Christmas cake


Your cakes are always beautiful; and I love the bottles in the background. The cards are great. Much better than shop ones!
Thank you. I will have to make a start on the card for this year soon! The bottles in the background all tasted very good...
I knew you would be crafty! Those cards look amazing.
Thank you - I rather enjoy making cards - but I seem to have too many stories clamouring for attention in my head at the moment to concentrate on them!
Those cards are stunning! You could make a mint selling them, imo. And the cake looks, well, good enough to eat. *g*
Oh thank you! I do some birthday cards to sell for church - but people won't spend the money on Christmas ones because you can buy 10 nice ones for £2.50 for charity. But I rather like to make them for friends if I have the time.
Your cards are gorgeous! I do (or used to do) a little card-making, but nothing as pretty as yours.

The cake is so pretty too... bet it tasted as good as it looks, too!
Thank you - a lot of the effects on those cards were done with things like stick-on ribbon a,d die-punched trees - I was surprised, when I looked at the picture, just how nice they did look!

And yes - the cake tasted very good. I can say that as my daughter did a good share of the baking.
So attractive!
Thank you.

Which? Me or the cards... :P
Everything! Beauty radiates from you and blesses all you touch! :)