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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


A long-forgotten half-finished cross stitch. One day I will get around to finishing it... really I will!


OMG! We're twins! I have a needlepoint that's been nearly done for years. Lots and lots of years. You should finish that, though. It looks really pretty.
I was working on it religiously when my old siamese passed away... he was a very, very special kitty (and I still miss him 10 years down the track). He looked much like the top cat in the pic, and I couldn't even look at the cross stitch for years without crying... I have it out on display in my computer/craft room now, so I figure that is a step towards finishing it... one day I will pull the pattern back out and work out where I was up to.
I've got a half finished cross stitch picture of Arthur and Guinevere with Merlin. I've done the Castle in the background and half of Guinevere - nothing else.

One day I will feel inspired to start again (if my eyesight doesn't deteriorate any more!)
The eyesight thing is an issue... I find patterns tend to blur now days. *sigh* I figure I will probably just scan it and print it out bigger.
It looks fascinating - if you ever do finish it you have got to share!
If I ever get it finished I will be squeeing all over the net. LOL So I am sure you will know about it!

It's a bit like the cabled jumper I've been knitting for my husband... it is actually soooo close to finished it isn't funny, but I noticed I'd made a mistake in one of the cables (right in the centre of the back) and it's about 40 rows down and I just couldn't bring myself to undo all that and re-knit it, so I threw it in my knitting basket 15 years ago, and it has sat there ever since. LOL
Oh gosh! We are sisters separated at birth! I am exactly the same about a fault in a cable and I have actually just given up and thrown out something I began, and then found a mistake in, for D-d when she was at school... and yes, this would be the daughter who is now a lawyer.
Hee! You aren't an Aquarian, by any chance?

I think my biggest problem is a complete lack of self-discipline that there is always something else to do, so if something frustrates me it will get put aside until later--later can sometimes just be a very long time coming!
Officially a Capricorn - but I was conceived to be Aquarian...

(I was a good month prem!)
I have a number of those half finished projects!