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September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

A catch-up post

Prompt: Destruction

Sometimes a little destruction can be a good thing...

 If it means going from this...

to this...


Wow! Even your old kitchen was nice, imo, but the new one is fab!
The old wall oven was deadly... the outer sheet of glass fell off the door one day as I was getting a roast out and almost took my toes off... and the old stove wasn't much better.

The people we bought the house from had built it about 20 years earlier and I think the stove and oven were as old as the house. Also, there was just a little too much dusky pink! lol

The current paint looks white because of the flash, but it's actually a nice cream, so it goes beautifully with the timber.

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Wow - that is a transformation. I love the floor - what wood?
It was an amazing transformation, especially considering they kept about 90% of the original kitchen and just replaced cupboard doors and glued the new counters over the top of the old.

My husband bought the timber in an auction... it was listed as mahogany, but who knows. It is pretty, that's all I care about lol, and soooo much easier to clean than the original slate (or the bare concrete that we lived with for a couple of years until he got time to lay the timber).
I think I could just come and live in your kitchen...
LOL I must say, I do love my kitchen!

It was amazing watching the transformation, it took them about a week in all to remove the old wall oven and put the new cupboard in, take out the cupboard that the old stove top had lived in for my new free-standing cooker to go in, remove all the doors and replace them with the new timber ones, and glue all the new counter tops over the top of the old ones... it's a reconstituted granite and is a fraction of the price of getting solid granite, but looks (almost) as good.

Mark ripped the old slate floor out before the kitchen people came in to do their magic...and then he laid the lovely new timber floor about 2 years later when he had the time. LOL So I had a lovely bare (very dusty) concrete floor in the interim. The floor is actually still not finished as he has yet to put the trim around the sides (it is sitting in the shed waiting for him to have time off), so I have to be very careful when I mop not to get water down the edges and under the floorboards.
Beautiful transformation!