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September 2019



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dougalsservant in photo_scavenger


This was taken at Glenfinnan (Lochaber, Scotland, on the famous Road to the Isles) a few weeks ago.

You might have heard of Glenfinnan. It was the place where the troops supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie gathered at the start of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. Also the viaduct there featured in at least one of the Harry Potter films.

Remembrance 1

The memorial is by the side of the road and behind it there is a sheer drop about two houses high.

I cautiously went around the back to find the inscriptions. There are only seven names; seven went to the war and none returned. At the time the community probably only numbered 100.

Remembrance 2

By this time it had started to rain so apologies for the raindrops on the lens.


It's a beautiful spot to be remembered - but very sad.
I've been past it so many times and wanted to look at it but you don't really spot it until you are on top of it and then need to find somewhere to stop. I've been trying to get my head around losing 7 men out of a community of 100 and I can't really do it. I would love to know how it was funded. Most WW1 memorials (in this area) were either funded by public subscription or by a local wealthy landowner but at the moment I can't find anything on this one. There is also the mystery of why the names are at the rear; could the base have been put in place the wrong way around?
Thanks for that bit of history.
Beautiful! I love the way the red of the wreath stands out. And also so sad, to lose so many young men from one small town.
A good place for a memorial