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Smile please

September 2019



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japanese autumn

brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


A sneak preview for you - possibly even a world exclusive! I went to see what will soon be the new Kent History Centre, as part of my job. In this space, researchers will soon be consulting documents which tell the story of this county. It's the closest part of England to France; is where St Augustine landed and was made welcome to begin the reconversion of England to Christianity in 597; and is where the Virginia Company was founded. So there's a lot of history about to be shared. Right now, they're laying carpet and completing the wiring, which is a little less romantic.

Come in, little archives... You will soon be safe in here. In nice grey boxes on your nice grey shelves, within your nice grey walls.

Strongrooms should always be boring and grey. It's much better than picturesque. And that's why we don't often give tours of secure areas; they really aren't as exciting as you might think. It's what you can do with the stuff inside that is thrilling. Except to me, because this is the culmination of 6 years of meetings!


That is certainly the result of preparation whilst now being in a state of preparation for what is to come. What a good reply to the prompt.
Thank you! Preparing to be prepared, indeed.
Love the "behind the scenes" tour. When is it due to open?
ahhh where abouts in Kent? Dover, Folkestone?? I'm a born and bred Kent girl :)
heh, I shoulda clicked on the link before I aske
It's good to see something concrete(!) come out of six years of meetings!