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September 2019



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dougalsservant in photo_scavenger

Church (with bonus buzzard and sheep)

Another catch-up

I used up our local parish church (Church of Scotland) for Door as I was fascinated that it had a white UPVC door.

That was our "new" church which was built in 1840.

The parish is actually quite big and the previous church was about 5 miles away at Kilchrist.

That church was built in the late 1400's / early 1500's. It could hold about 200 people and when the congregation was larger the service was held outdoors. People had to walk miles to services.

This is what is left of the church:

Kilchrist church

The burial ground there was used for at least another 100 years after the church was abandoned.

And I looked to the left of the picture and saw this buzzard:

Church plus buzzard

I couldn't turn there so went on a bit to find a turning place, and on coming back I found a sheep had wandered through a vanished doorway - so this is a quick picture from the middle of the road via the open passenger door window:

Church plus sheep


Such a beautiful place - that buzzard is a stunning shot!
Oh, beautiful! I love old cemeteries and ruins -- beautiful, every shot!
The photo of the buzzard is quite nice indeed, with the hills behind.

It's a beautiful setting for a church, but I hope they never had to hold the service outside in the winter...

Just curious--do you know what kind of sheep that is?

Edited at 2011-11-30 04:19 am (UTC)
I love the buzzard shot, especially. What a lovely, restful place.
I love the original picture - but I love the buzzard even more.
I thought that was a place you would like - we did drive past it but I suspect we were too busy talking to look!

I was so pleased to see the buzzard there. And I am getting them back in the garden now after not seeing any for four years. I even saw a Golden Eagle circling over the back in the summer. The word is that some local gamekeepers have lost their jobs (but been replaced with new ones) and so the raptors are back.
What interesting photos. Very attractive vignettes.