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Well, hello!

My first post here this year, so I'll jump in and tell y'all a little bit about me:
My name is Andria, I live in KY with my husband of 14 years and my daughter of 12.  Besides being a mother and a wife I have two part-time bookkeeping jobs plus church stuffs that keep me busy.  I'm attempting Project 365, and since I found my camera yesterday this'll make things a lot easier (and will mean I can quit using my iPhone for all my photos, lol, Yay!). It's a Canon PowerShot S2 IS, and it's still a great camera after 4 years of me dragging it with me Everywhere.

I say that and my first pic of the year is from my phone anyway. Har.

This week's theme is New, and I want to post this:
Cutest Lunchbox Ever

The lunchbox my best friend gave me for Christmas that I used for the first time Monday.
It's new and I love it. :-)
So cute!


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