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Smile please

September 2019



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Curious Christmas

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This subject confused me completely to start with. Holiday? You want suitcases? Or pictures from my last holiday, which was in the summer? Brochures for next year's holidays? They do tend to arrive hot on the heels of the Christmas cards...

And then I realised that our subject setter is American - and so doesn't speak quite the same language as me... and meant what I would think of as 'The Festive Season' or just plain 'Christmas' - and then it became much clearer!

I could actually have used this for 'red' too - but it seemed rather fun for the Festive Season.



She looks as if she's dancing up there on the pillow!
She does indeed - and looks merrier than the person the cushion was bought for - my husband is not very good at 'merry'....
LOL Well, "holiday" could mean any nationally recognized day of celebration or remembrance - Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, New Years Day, etc. etc. Although at this time of the year, I'm sure one's first mental jump would be to Christmas. Two countries, separated by one language... :)
Whereas holiday to me means leaving home... One of the real fun things about LJ is learning the ways in which we use the same language to mean such different things!
*nods* It is. alwaysjbj and I have spent many amusing hours chatting back and forth about what one calls this squash/pumpkin, that flower, that tool, and so on. It's fun, and also useful when you're writing stories set in the other country or with characters from there. :)
Not only is our subject setter American, but she is also Canadian, so we've added another layer of potential shenanigans with that language we all call English!

Oh dear - I'd forgotten she was Canadian - I am not sure whether I have insulted her now...!

And as we have also got at least one Aussie, who uses the language slightly differently again, there is room for even more shenanigans!
She's quite sweet natured, and, besides, she is American--North American.

I have little difficulty comprehending your posts, but I have to Google an Aussie friend's entries frequently. I run into more slang and colorful expressions with her. It seems the Aussies take liberally from the British, add a smattering from the Americans, swirl it all about, and come up with a unique mix.