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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

I failed miserably to keep up with the prompts last year. I am going to make a concerted effort not to fall behind this year.

This is my car, Merlyn. He's five years old now, but I still think of him as 'new'. He's a Kia Cerato and is the first new car I've ever owned.

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He certainly still looks new - and a rather nice shade of red, too.
That photo was actually taken when he was all shiny and new... he still looks pretty good, but has a few scratches and chips of paint missing here and there where people have opened doors into him at the supermarket. *sigh* They are only really visible up close though and Mark says they should polish out with a good cut and polish.

The red is quite a funny story because when we went looking for a car I told mark I didn't want red or black because they both show dirt up so well and we have a dirt driveway. Unfortunately, at the time, the only two Kia Ceratos left in the country with ABS were red or black... I chose the lesser of two evils and had to wait 3 weeks for him to be sent up from Melbourne (the black one I could have had that day). But when he arrived he was a lovely merlot red (rather than the fire engine red I'd been picturing) and from there merlot morphed into Merlyn and he had his name.
A kindred spirit! You have a bright-colored car and gave it a name. Yay!
LOL All my cars have had names... this is just the first male car I've ever had... I don't know why it is, he just looks like a boy.
Hee! Your car and my same-vintage truck - forever our "new" vehicles. :)
LOL Yep...at least until we get new new cars. (Which in my case at least will be quite a way off yet).