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Smile please

September 2019



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Last Year/This Year (Holiday/Red)

I'm not sure if I managed *every* prompt last year, but I didn't miss too many - so I'm keeping up the good work and posting to catch up for last week as well as this.

Holiday needs a bit of explaining - this is a photo taken on Boxing Day (a bank holiday, within the bigger Christmas holidays season), and I was on holiday (i.e. not at work), and this building is very much on holiday. Even without blowing up the image to read the inscription, English people will probably guess that it was built as a school in the late 19th century - it's quite typical of that time and architecture. But it hasn't been a school for many years now, and is a retirement home these days. The people who live there are retired but still active - so you could say they are pretty much permanently on holiday (*grumble, grumble back to work tomorrow*)!

Red is much simpler: part of my parents' Christmas decorations, and my grandmother's before that, this is one of eight little red candlesticks, which are always filled with little red candles and put out for the season.

The mini-Santa in this very red set of tree decorations isn't actually Santa at all - he's a Swedish tomte (house gnome), who cares for the house overnight. Also, as you might guess, an ancestral decoration! So are the small glass baubles, the straw tied with red string, and the red wooden angel.

And lastly, this central angel has faded a bit now, but she was once red, and you can see she is flanked by a pair of the little red candlesticks, as well as the holly!


Not that I'll ever be able to retire, but if I could, I would love to live in a place like the one in your first picture. What a great old building.
What a good re-use of that school - it looks like a nice place to retire to.

And I do love the decorations - that last picture is particularly satisfying.
What beautiful woodwork in the last photo!
I wonder if anyone who attended the school has also lived in it as a retirement home. It's a lovely building.

Your red angel and holly display is beautiful too.