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Smile please

September 2019



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spikesdeb in photo_scavenger


My first time posting, so I hope I get this right. I am determined to be more involved in LJ this year, and a weekly post can only be good for that. So, a photograph I took about two months ago. My boyfriend bought me a 'just because' bunch of roses, lovely delicate pink, white and deep red. I still haven't got to grips with my new camera - only got it in September - so I'm quite pleased with the fact that this came out so clear.



Mmmmmm, red roses are lovely, who doesn't like to be on the receiving end?
That's very true! A bunch of red roses equals a heck of a lot of snuggles from me :)
How sweet of him! And welcome to the comm.
Thank you! He is sweet, most of the time. But don't tell him I said so or he'll get smug :) Looking forward to joining in here.
Hi Deb! And what beautiful roses.
Hi there! Still love your soupdragon :) They were lovely, and lasted for quite a while too. I do love fresh flowers in the house, although I do feel guilty when they die. This comm looks like fun, and something different. Looking forward to joining in :)

Lovely pic too - and a lovely boyfriend, by the sound of it!
*waves back* Aw, thank you. I'm quite proud of it because it isn't blurred - I still haven't figured out all the settings on the camera. It's only a small digital, not an SLR or anything, but I'm trying to get to grips with the macro, portrait etc settings. It's a lot of fun, and I think it'll be even better hunting out subjects from prompts. My boyfriend is lovely, most of the time - but don't tell him I said so. Need to keep him on his toes, so I get more roses!
Thank you so much :) This is a lot of fun, looking forward to it.
That's gorgeous.
Thank you. I am pleased with the photo - I think it's my first close-up of flowers where it isn't blurred. I'm enjoying this already!
There is something about a red rose, isn't there... *waves at you and says "welcome" to the comm. I'm hoping to do better with regard to the prompts this year - I missed quite a lot at the end of 2011, unfortunately.
*waves back* A red rose, trite as it is, certainly perks me up.

I've watched this com for ages but never got round to posting; now I have my new camera I'm going to enjoy searching out ideas from the prompts. I'm sure I'll see you around :)
Very pretty.

My boyfriend bought me a 'just because' bunch of roses, I'd say he's a keeper!
*waves* Thank you! I'm enjoying this comm so much already :) Yeah, I think I'll keep him, as long as he behaves ;)
Welcome! With winter firmly settled in, I missing my roses and will until late May, most likely. This tides me over!
Aw, just because flowers, that's lovely, and it's a beautiful picture too. (I'm still having trouble getting to grips with my new camera, and I've been on a course!)