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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


It seems we have a lot of orange around the place, so it was a hard decision. I decided to go with a couple of my orange friends.

The Chook (hand raised chicken who can't seem to decide if she's human or a cattle dog.) She certainly has entitlement issues and is a terrible bully.

Esus our red Australian cattle dog. He's 5 years old, but is really just an eternal puppy (he's also very hen-pecked, being the main target for the evil chook's bullying).


I think "chook" is such a great word! And I love the idea of a chook that thinks it's a dog. (I may have to post my own orange dog. *g* They're just. so. cute.)
LOL It wasn't until I mentioned to someone a few years ago that we were having roast chook for dinner that I realised it was a very Australian word.

She's hilarious, the two cattle dogs go running out to bark at something/someone and she goes running out with them. We have 3 big dog kennels which are shared between the 2 dogs and the chook (the dogs get to use whichever ones she doesn't want to use at that time). LOL
I love that word chook too. :)

I can't believe he's five already! Wasn't he a puppy just yesterday?

I know... he was such a cute little puppy too...now he's a great big wiggling lump who knocks everything flying with his tail.
Oh what clever responses!
Thanks. I looked at photos of sunsets, sunrises, the fireplace, flowers etc...all very orange, but seeing as these two orange lumps are under my feet every time I step outside, I figured they were the most suitable choice for me.
I love the Chook!

A cattle dog is one I'd love to add to our family -- so sweet!
We have two cattle dogs...one red and one blue (Don't tell Esus but Epona, our blue, is far prettier than he is). They are lovely dogs.

The Chook is evil... but adorably so.
Well, I'm no stranger to adorable evil *points to icon*...

Pretty chook - funny she thinks she's a dog. :)
She's a little mixed up, but she's happy being a guard chook. lol